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Largo Middle School

Canned Food Drive

Largo Middle School recently had a canned food drive during the month of November. The rules were simple- what ever class earned the most canned foods wins a doughnut party. … Continue reading

December 11, 2014 · Leave a comment

Freedom to our voice !

By : Pulonga Maafu,7th, Cristina Lopez,8th ,and  Taylor Bischoff,7th. Largo Middle School’s “Free Sing Friday” brings music to peoples ears. Free Sing Friday is when kids can have the freedom … Continue reading

December 3, 2014

Song of your Life

By: John Trebian, 8th, and Jacob Nathenson, 7th Songs and music have been around since the earliest human civilizations, but when people were asked if they could describe they’re life in … Continue reading

December 3, 2014

Can you break dance!!!

By: Skylar McPherson (7th grade) and Dionte Blake acevodo (8th grade) Have you ever wondered how to break dance? Well now you can find out how.  A 7th grader at … Continue reading

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Do You Get What You Pay For?

By Brooke Lunsford, 8th, Cyntina Perrotta, 7th, and Skylee Dimatteo, 7th Everybody loves cookies!  However, do you get what you pay for? The PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) fundraiser at Largo Middle School is selling … Continue reading

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Jacket Weather

By:Jazlyn Williamson, 7th, Micha Mccorvey ,8th,and Abriell Jordan 6th There are lots of different jackets that come in different colors and sizes. Here at Largo Middle School, a lot of the students … Continue reading

December 1, 2014

Au revoir

Sandra Isidro 7th, Melissa Pena,7th , Jessica Gjoka,6th , Ivan Alives,8th Teachers can come and go. They just don’t stay so long to teach the class they have. Some may … Continue reading

December 1, 2014

New Language Arts Teacher

By: Esmeralda McCabe, Pilar Yeso De La Cruz, Elisa Monroy, Maribel Clemente Largo Middle School features a variety of teachers. Some teach science and some teach math. Ms.Sihweil and Mrs.Ramos … Continue reading

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Who’s ready for basketball season?

By Tyler Rae and Jesus Cortes Basketball season has finally arrived and the Largo Middle basketball team is looking  at it’s best. The coach for the girls basketball team is Mr. … Continue reading

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It’s Just The Beginning

By:Brooke Lunsford ,8th, Cyntina Perrotta ,7th, Skylee Dimatteo ,7th Think of all the pressure of running for president. Speeches, voting, what if you don’t get picked? Student Council has just … Continue reading

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