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Largo Middle School

Whats the Buzz?

Quaze Sorrells ,grade 8th ,Jonathon Benner, grade 7th, Trent Watson, 8th A lot of things happen at Largo Middle School between fighting and drama. It’s hard to keep track of … Continue reading

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Who’s ready for volleyball?

By: Timothy Putorek, 8th grade, Trent Watson, 8th grade , Jesus Cortes, 8th grade , Tyler Rae ,7th grade. Volleyball is back and the teams are ready for another fantastic season … Continue reading

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Dress code…or nah?

By: Kaylee Slinker, 8th, and Patrick Teehan, 7th, and Zack Musgrave , 7th Although the dress code may be boring, remember there are schools out there that have uniforms or … Continue reading

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The gamers game!!!

By: Skylar Mcpherson, 7th grade,  Dionte Blake Acevedo, 8th grade There are many competitive game players at Largo Middle school, such as fantasy, realistic and syfy. Two of the competitive … Continue reading

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Language Arts with Ms.Moreland

By Ivan Aviles, 8th, Melissa Pena, 7th, Sandra Isidro, 7th, Jessica Gjoka, 6th Ms.Moreland. Ms.Moreland loves to do many activities with her class especially when the students can work together … Continue reading

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Creativity at LMS

By : Cristina Lopez ,8th , Pulonga Maafu, 7th, There are many different ways to express your feelings and 3D Art is one of those classes. Largo Middle School features fun elective … Continue reading

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Stepping our Way into Largo Middle School

By:Jazlyn Williamson,7th, Micha  Mccorvey, 8th, and Abriell Jordan, 6th Many kids at Largo Middle School have different types of shoe styles. Some people wear flats,and other styles are of sneakers. Most … Continue reading

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The Great Life of Dr. Heller

By Jonathon Benner, 6th Many people are good in the world and have great stories. One of these people is Dr. William “Bill” Heller. At the moment, Dr. Heller is … Continue reading

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Cloudy with a Chance of Pizza

What is the best part of the school day? You would think it was lunch,but is that true? Some people might think lunch is bad while others might think it is good.

Apparently some peoples favorite foods from lunch are the tacos, peanut butter jelly sandwiches and also the buffalo wings. Some people have said that they like the new ranch, and that they need to keep it instead of using old buttermilk ranch.

Not many people have good opinions for lunch. They like some of the food, most people just like to get the juice there. People say that the lunch is OK but it could be better.

Almost everyone hates the school lunch. They say its horrible and that sometimes they don’t even eat lunch. Some kids cant go without lunch so they will just bring their own lunch.

The conclusion is that school lunch is horrible,bad, and disgusting, use whatever word you want. Majority rules and there is more votes saying that school lunch is bad, than votes saying that its good.

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2014 Battle of the Books!

By: Ashley Manzi, 8 Matheu Nelson, 8 Over the past two weeks, Largo Middle School has had an amazing opportunity to attend the Battle of the Books. Largo Middle School … Continue reading

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